Flashing the LSI-9211 to IT mode using an EFI shell

Flashing the LSI-9211 used to be way more difficult, luckily the EFI shell makes this task a lot simpler!

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Uncovering a new hobby that might just take over my entire house

What started as a simple decoration piece to fill some empty space in my home quickly grew into a new hobby of which the remnants can be found throughout my house

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Adopting conventional commits and standard versions in a git and npm codebase

A dive into conventional commits and their benefit whilst releasing with standard versions.

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My blog hasn't gotten an update in 5 years, here's why.

Good software design practices and a few perfectionistic tendencies lead to almost 5 years without any writing. This post is a deep dive into a few of the struggles of the past 5 years

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My dog, Eddy, died today. He will be missed.

Today we had to give a lethal injection to my furry friend Eddy. He will be honored appropriately and this post is one of the tools to do that.

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