LegoLeague - Battling it out with little robots made from Lego

At INFORIT we love to play! Be it DND, board games or in this case... Legos. Read on to find out what we've been up to this past summer vacation

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Flashing the LSI-9211 to IT mode using an EFI shell

Flashing the LSI-9211 used to be way more difficult, luckily the EFI shell makes this task a lot simpler!

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Uncovering a new hobby that might just take over my entire house

What started as a simple decoration piece to fill some empty space in my home quickly grew into a new hobby of which the remnants can be found throughout my house

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Adopting conventional commits and standard versions in a git and npm codebase

A dive into conventional commits and their benefit whilst releasing with standard versions.

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My blog hasn't gotten an update in 5 years, here's why.

Good software design practices and a few perfectionistic tendencies lead to almost 5 years without any writing. This post is a deep dive into a few of the struggles of the past 5 years

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