Name Rick van Lieshout
Date of birth 13 december 1992
Address Oss - Noord-Brabant
phone 06 - 144 36 56 2
email [email protected]
Hobbies Technology & cooking (especially BBQ)

Work experience

Open-source aficionado
A fair share of my private work is done through open-source media. I don’t have a portfolio but I have a Github where I share most things.

CTO at Frontliners (previously INFORIT)
2018 - Now
At Frontliners I am responsible for the entire technical architecture of the new TFX stack that I launched shortly after 2018. This involves setting up and maintaining a modern event-based microservice architecture on a Kubernetes-based SaaS cloud solution and migrating to modern programming languages such as dotnetcore and React.

The other main responsibility I have is creating and maintaining a coherent team of lead developers by sharing knowledge, making decisions, and empowering leads to explore technologies outside of their comfort zone.

At Frontliners I also help with the recruitment of new employees, setting up and maintaining agile strategies including proper test management, and general software development. During my time at Frontliners, we’ve grown from 5-7 in-house developers to 10, full-sized, SCRUM teams.

Most relevant technologies used: dotnetcore, React, Angular, Kafka, RabbitMQ, Mongo, PostgreSQL, Growthbook, Docker & Kubernetes

Hanflex employee
September 2015 - July 2018
I started working for the HAN (hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen) in 2015. The HAN offers us different jobs (teaching others, open door days, etc) and we are free to reply and take those. I primarily respond to the open-door days and the teaching jobs. On the open-door days, I usually work with 3d printers and a laser cutter.
2006 - January 2019
I started my own “company” helping people with their PC issues. This ranged from fixing the hardware & software of home computers, installing home & corporate networks to developing software and websites.

Albert Heijn
2010 - January 2018

Newspaper delivery
2005 - 2010


HBO ICT / software engineering HAN - Nijmegen
2014 - 2018
After a few rocky years I enrolled in college and I’m now trying to get a software engineering degree. I finished my first year with an average of 8.3/10 and will graduate in mid-2018.

Bilingual Senior General Secondary Education - Maaslandcollege Oss
2005 - 2010

Graduate internship at VAA ICT Consultancy
February 2018 - June 2018
Building an interactive and fully customizable dashboard on top of VAA’s existing product lineup. The dashboard was built with ReactJS backed by an Express back-end-for-front-end.


I’ll list some of the training courses I’ve had whilst working. Some of these have (official) certificates, some don’t, but all have brought value and knowledge.


Burgerszoo interactive scouting expedition
November 2017 - January 2018
For a zoo in the Netherlands me and a couple of fellow students designed, built, and tested an interactive scouting expedition. The expedition consisted of 6 NFC scanning points that play facts when scanned, it was fully configurable by the staff thanks to an interactive web interface made with ReactJS.

September 2015 - July 2018
Designing and building a learning module for elementary school students. All of the code is available on Github.

Solidwinds developer
2015 - 2016
Set up an architecture and started implementation for a scalable metrics collection system for windmills.

Quintor bulk-mail
April 2016 - June 2016
SCRUM project to build a bulk mail system for QUINTOR customers/affiliates to decrease the workload on the administrative team.

Skills & Technologies

The list below is far from complete and unordered but focuses on the skills & technologies I value the most.

  • Leadership & Team management
  • Teaching, coaching & presenting
  • Agile development
  • Docker, Kubernetes & CI/CD
  • Event-based architecture
  • Reactive architecture
  • Typescript (Javascript)
  • dotnetcore
  • React, Angular
  • Linux & Shell scripting
  • NoSQL (Mongo, Postgre)
  • SQL (MSSQL, Postgre, sqlite, mariadb)
  • Elasticsearch & Kibana
  • Kafka / RabbitMQ