Hello, I am Rick van Lieshout!

Some people are bookworms, I am a bitworm. I fell in love with computing a long time ago and the virus could, fortunately, never be cured. Little by little, I gained experience in Computer Technology, Programming and IT design.

For the past 17 years I’ve been using Linux which made me appreciate well-written cross-platform software. Years later I strive to provide a seamless experience by doing just that… creating well-written cross-platform and web software. My language of choice to do this is Javascript, hated by many, loved by some, adored by me.

Over the years I’ve seen (and/or tried) a lot of programming languages, technologies, techniques and software products which only made me more eager to progress in this field. Change is inevitable and I aim to be one of its driving forces.

I’ve made a habit of openly challenging assumptions / solutions (even though people don’t usually like their assumptions challenged). This mentality drives me to not only get the best out of myself but others too, I like to cooperate with fellow developers to work towards a common goal.

Even though software development is my main area of interest I am also passionate about Linux and DevOps. Besides the two major interests I also love to dabble in hardware, Hi-Fi and home automation.