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New look, new comments, new everything!

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Separating the personal stuff

First off, it’s been a while… I know. ☺

I’m trying to separate mi-soft.nl and myself, yet keep them together somehow. I have removed almost all personal content from mi-soft.nl and am currently busy moving it to this “personal website”. The end goal is to have them completely separate apart from the “software” tab. Software that I want to reveal to the public (more so than some scripts I use myself) will still be uploaded to mi-soft.nl and more personal projects (like CSVtoDatabase) on my github.

In order to “keep the sites together” I have given this site the exact same look as mi-soft.nl except for the colours. I have also made a little system that allows users to switch the website’s language. Everything apart from the blog will be Multilingual. Doing all these upgrades however also means upgrading Disqus, which meant losing all my comments. While sad, I feel like it had to be done.

Replacing the “about me” page on mi-soft.nl

I will be replacing the about me page on mi-soft.nl with a “Linux software review” (LSR for short) section. LSR will consist of short video’s (in Dutch) promoting Linux software.

Another maker project

I am currently gathering materials and setting up the software for another cool maker project. It is going to include both the arduino and the raspberry pi. But that is pretty much all the information I want to disclose right now.


I have only 2 days of school left this year, (and maybe a ceremony) which means an increase in productivity (hopefully). There are a couple of things I want to do before school starts again:

  • Lose 20+ pounds
  • Finish separating my websites
  • Clean all my servers (both soft and hardware)
  • Finish my portfolio (in both Dutch and English)
  • Get started with LSR
  • Write at least 5 new tutorials on mi-soft.nl
  • Write at least 2 new blogs. (not counting this one)

Let’s hope I can get all my planned projects done and then some.

Published Jun 16, 2015

Written by: Rick van Lieshout