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Me, my blog, and projects.

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The blog

So, I’ve already gone past my weekly schedule. Which tends to happen every time… I’m not giving up on the blog though ! I’ve just been far too busy. Busy with what you ask? well… college. Now surely the first period shouldn’t be that hard for someone who can code reasonably well already You’d be right in thinking that, but.. that’s not the only part of college, college also means new friends. New friends mean gaming. So yeah I’ve been gaming a bunch. Sorry.


For now I’m putting off some of the projects I had originally planned. I simply can’t find the time to write detailed blog posts on them and I don’t want to disappoint you guys with half-baked posts.

I did start a new “project”, meaning I ordered 2 of the most beautiful computers on the planet. Yes, I bought 2 iMac G4’s . Even though I don’t like Mac os, or the designs Apple is currently pushing out, I do really like these older Mac’s. I’ve ordered 2 of them from the internet, the seller is currently looking for a box to send them both in since they are pretty big and heavy. I can only wait and hope they will arrive in good condition.

So I hope you guys appreciate this little update and can forgive my absence. Have a nice day!

Published Oct 21, 2014

Written by: Rick van Lieshout