Who am I?

me Let's start with some general information:

Name: Rick van Lieshout
Age: 25
Contact: Rick@mi-soft.nl

Where did the interest in computers come from?

I've been interested in computers (in general) since I was a little boy. This inevitably resulted in me helping others with their computer problem. And I still help people to this very day. It was one of the reasons that I created mi-soft (and mi-soft.nl).

I bought my first computer (to run games and do school work) when I was a small boy. Sadly though, I got scammed on my very first computer! They sold me the computer with illegal Windows. For a while I tried working with the illegal version, but it got annoying real quick. So I decided to bring it in for repairs, which cost me $40 and an extra $100 if I wanted to have legal Windows. Sadly I didn't have $140 so we were back to square one.

I went looking for other fixes and found out that I had a "friend of a friend" that knew how to fix this. He told me it would be a quick fix, yet it took him almost 3 weeks to "fix" it. For a while everything seemed fine, but after a couple of weeks it began reporting about illegal Windows again. The problem was never fixed, only delayed with a fresh install.

So far my experience with Windows and computers in general was quite bad. After taking apart and putting back together my computer a dozen times I heard about a free "Windows". So I searched around a bit and found out the free "Windows" was actually Linux (Ubuntu). Which I happily ran untill I had money for a new pc.

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