Curriculum vitae



  • Bachelor ICT / software engineering - University of Professional Education HAN - Nijmegen.

    2014 - now

    After a few rocky years I enrolled into college and I'm now trying to get a software engineering degree. I have just finished my first year. I passed with flying colours! (average of 8.3/10).

  • Bilingual Senior General Secondary Education - Maaslandcollege Oss

    2005 - 2010


  • Graduate intern at VAA ICT consultancy

    February 2018 - heden

    In February of 2018 I started my graduate internship at VAA ICT Consultancy. At VAA I'm building a dynamic and interactive dash which can be configured to work with VAA's existing product lineup with the help of an adapter.

  • Software engineer

    Juni 2016 - now

    In June I started working at Inforit and on the first of September 2016, I started my internship at Inforit as well. After my internship, I signed a new contract and I'm still working there at the moment. At Inforit I mainly work with c# and Angular though I occasionally get to dabble in node js as well.

    At Inforit I get to work with one of the biggest freight map providers PTV. I've successfully built several prototypes which I later implemented into the main products.

    One of the jobs I had to do involved Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana (hereafter: ELK-stack). I took this opportunity to show my fellow developers the power of Docker and I set up a new (Linux) server with the ELK-stack. Not only did I lead the research into the ELK-stack I also started introducing my colleagues to the awesome power of Docker. Later, in the summer of 2017, I also introduced Electron and Nativescript.

  • Hanflex employee

    sept. 2015 - now

    I started working for the HAN (hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen) in 2015. The HAN offers us different jobs (teaching others, open door days, etc) and we are free to reply and take those. I primarily respond to the open door days and the teaching jobs. On the open door days I usually work with 3d printers and a lasercutter.

  • moderator

    2014 - now

    I work at one of the biggest Dutch computer forums as a (paid)volunteer. My job is to make sure everyone on the forum follows the rules. We have a biannual meeting and we regularly discuss matters "behind the scenes".

  • My own company!

    2008 - now

    2008 was a big year for me! I upgraded "rickscomputerhulp",which was founded in 2006, to The goal of is to help others with their computer problems. This can vary from fixing a broken OS install to developing a website or software solution.

  • Albert Heijn

    2010 - now

    I started working in a local supermaket at the age of 17. Even though I started as a "stocker" I learned to work the register pretty much immediately. After a while I was asked to lead the team. This didn't work out due to personal circumstances.

  • Newspaper delivery

    2005 - 2010

    My first real job!
    As soon as I reached age 13 (legal minimum age for work) I started delivering newspapers. I enjoyed it so much that it quickly grew to include several newspapers. A year later my little brother also wanted to deliver newspapers and from that point on we did it together.


  • Burgers' zoo

    November 2017 - January 2018

    For a zoo in the Netherlands me and a couple of fellow students designed, built, and tested an interactive scouting expedition. The expedition consisted of 6 NFC scanning points that play facts when scanned, it was fully configurable by the staff thanks to an interactive web interface made with ReactJS.

  • Han4pi workgroup

    sept. 2015 - now

    For the han4pi workgroup I work together with 3 other students and a teacher to build a teachers module for the General Secondary Education students. All of which can be found at github.

  • Solidwinds developer

    2015 - 2016

    Because we're under a NDA I can't disclose any technical info or pictures containing sensitive data. Solidwinds is a company which executes measurements to figure out whether placing a turbine is a smart financial decision. Solidwinds asked us to automate the measurement collection system.

  • Quintor mailsegmentering

    April 2016 - June 2016

    During the last semester of my second year we had to develop a software product for Quintor.

    Quintor regularly sends out bulk-emails to their customers/affiliates, this used to be a very tedious and time consuming process. We were instructed to automate a large part of this process and make it accessible for a non-techy department. We did this by creating a rest (jax-rs) backend service which is called by a AngularJS front-end. I did most of the backend work and all of that can be found at GitHub.

    During this project we employed the "SCRUM" development method in which we set up our own sprints.



    2008 - now forces me to keep up to date on current trends and technologies. A tutorial that was written 3 years ago either has to be still relevant today or has to be upgraded. This ensures that I'm constantly reading up about new things and making adjustments as time goes on.

  • Websites

    2008 - now

    Ever since I started I have been working on websites for my clients. This has taught me several skills that you simply can't learn from a book:

    • Working under time constraints
    • Adapting to the wishes of a customer, even if they change while I'm already half way done.
  • Software development

    2009 - now

    In the year 2009 I started coding for customers / friends / myself. Most of these products came into existence because I had a need for it. My work can be found at:

Technologies used:

Below you'll find some interesting technologies which I have used in the past. This list is unordered and by no means complete but it does give you an insight of the technologies I have worked with.

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