Scala Day 4 - A challenge!

The book doesn't offer a day 4, my school, however, does. Or rather, it wants us to "create" a day 4. The main objective of day 4 is to "create a smart goal which fits the language and challenges you". For this purpose I came up with the following goal:


Scala Day 3 - Concurrency is key!

Day 3 promises to go into "hard things" like XML and concurrency. So far I've been liking Scala and if it can really simplify concurrency then it might earn a permanent slot in my toolkit.


Scala Day 2 - Let's get functional!

I feel like I covered a lot in the first chapter but that I haven't yet found the real power of functional programming. Day 2 promises to change that by diving right into functional programming.


Scala Day 1 - The basics

So day 1 has arrived, I've opened the book and I've started looking at the assignments in front of me. The book starts off by telling us how to install Scala so that is what I'll start with today.


Scala Day 0 - What is Scala?

One of the final assignments for a school course called "APP" (Algorithms Programming language & Paradigms) was/is to learn a new programming language using the book "Seven languages in Seven weeks".


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